Realign Academy

We all have an unique ability that is given to us to lead a freaking amazing life. Unfortunately many of us get off course and feel stuck, but really we're out of alignment with your true purpose. 

Girl, we have been there! We have been lost searching for more and overwhelmed and stuck searching out the what, how and when we were to take the step towards our dream life.

Which is why we started IMRAMA, but with a bigger vision in mind than just to sell spiritual tools to help women on their journey. We are here to help women realign with their soul's purpose, bust through blocks, and achieve lasting success from the inside out.

The products sold in IMRAMA are all created intentionally to help you raise your vibration getting you closer to stepping into your true authentic purpose. However we quickly saw a greater need for guidance for women who were ready to go all in on their dreams. That is why we created, Realign Academy as an extension of IMRAMA for those who want to experience true transformation in an 1:1 coaching and group mastermind hybrid with founders, Brittany + Lauren. 

This 6 month program is for the girl who -

Wants to break through the noise online and create a raw authentic business that will make an impact.


Is ready to build a thriving business that is energetically aligned and allows flow and abundance.


Is looking for a tribe of empowering women who support you, elevate your level of thinking, and empower you to push forward.


Is ready to work her on mind, body, and soul to turn her passion into profit that has meaning and impact. 


Are you ready to get out of the lack state and begin living your full potential? 


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Realign Academy provides the tools and guidance to align you with your soul's purpose, while giving you the road map to turn your passion into a thriving business.