Our Journey

Lauren + Brittany
Two women with a passion to inspire, empower and raise the vibrations of others on their soulful journeys. We're focused on helping other women transfrom their lives and fully align with their souls purpose.
IMRAMA means Journey of the Soul and that's exactly what we want you to experience with our products. Through our own personal discoveries and our Yin Yang personalities we have created products that will inspire anyone, no matter where they're at on their journey.
We wholeheartedly believe that every soul has a unique gift ready to be shown to the world. Through these products we hope that you find ones that can be used as a tool to help serve you wherever you're at right now. We are here to remind you that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment, you are supported, and you will do miraculous things.
Our products were created with strong intentions to raise your vibrations and help you continue to take concious action as you're guided through the journey of your soul.